Black Materia Finally Reaches Vinyl

It’s real, and spectacular.

black materia vinyl

Featuring newly orchestrated and arranged tracks by R23X, this exclusive vinyl release visits the classic album with completely new sounds. Mega Ran’s evocative lyrics were inspired by his experience playing through the classic RPG Final Fantasy VII. The songs are both personal and universal, as anyone who has played the game can relate the narrative Mega Ran weaves through Lost Perceptions tracks.

For the original release of Black Materia, Phoenix-based producer Lost Perception explored Nobuo Uematsu’s iconic score with samples and original beats.This new vinyl release has been completely rebuilt from the ground up. With mechanical licenses secured, Vancouver musician R23X took on the project, re-orchestrating and re-arranging the entire album. The end result is an album that sounds both familiar and new: something for fans new and old to look forward to. Completely remastered and remixed, Black Materia: Vinyl is spread across two 140 gram 12” LP’s.

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Mega Ran’s first foray into the Wrestling world is a 9-track EP dedicated to some of the most dynamic WWE figures of the past and present.

Mat Mania is free to download here:

Press Release:

The bond between music and pro wrestling goes back many years starting with the Rock N Wrestling movement in the 80’s, a WWE-MTV joint promotional venture, that was a major catalyst to the WWE’s monster mid-80’s success. Since then live acts at Wrestlemania and anthology theme albums have only helped the alliance grow stronger.

In a new project in the tradition of 2000’s album “WWF Aggression,” producer Lynx Kinetic integrates iconic WWE entrance themes with hip hop, trap, and EDM elements, creating an expanded sonic pallet for rapper Mega Ran to do what he does best. Legends such as Macho Man Randy Savage and Jake the Snake Roberts, as well as current top talent including Brock Lesnar and Bray Wyatt get the remix treatment and a lyrical homage, entitled “Mat Mania.”

The songs have debuted on top sites such as Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated and WhatCulture, amassing over 500k YouTube hits and streams online.

The album will release digitally for free on 3/28/16 at and lyrics and more content will be available at

Mega Ran’s podcast of the same name features bi-weekly episodes dedicated to classic and current moments in pro wrestling.
His last release, “RNDM,” released in the Fall to a Billboard 200 debut, and remained on the CMJ Hip-Hop charts for an unprecedented 21 weeks.

Ran and Lynx will celebrate the release in Dallas for Wrestlemania weekend with these events scheduled:

April 1-2 @ WrestleCon, Dallas (all day presentations)
April 1 @ Deen’s Ranch, Dallas (Kaiju Big Battel Performance)
April 2 @ Caves Lounge, Arlington (live performance)

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New Video: Mackerel Sky (Nerdist Premiere)

Premiered on The Nerdist, Tuesday Feb 9.

Mega Ran- Mackerel Sky
Directed by El-Jay Beats.

“Shame that the so called experts look like fools when the market is passing them by….”

Mega Ran’s new visual for “Mackerel Sky” is a trippy journey through the music industry’s race to keep up with technology through an extended metaphor of the mackerel sky, a cloud formation known to represent instability within a system.

Over a sparse, spaced-out pulsating beat by AF THE NAYSAYER, Ran and RoQy weave in and out of complex rhyme schemes and heavily layered messages to expose the unstable nature of the music business as we know it.

“Mackerel Sky” is directed by Luis “ElJayBeats” Perez and features fellow Writers Guild crew member RoQy TyRaid. It appears on Mega Ran’s chart-topping album “RNDM,” which debuted in the Billboard Top 200, and maintains a 15+ week stay on CMJ’s Hip Hop charts (only Kendrick Lamar’s “To Pimp A Butterfly” has remained longer).

The album is now available on vinyl at Hellomerch:
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Touring While Black Article.

Mega ran Performer Magazine

The article I wrote for PERFORMER Magazine is up now in full, on the site of my brothers in arms, The NPC Collective.


My favorite two words to utter, or type, because as a musician, we all dream of getting on the road and knocking down stages in strange places, making new friends and fans, hopefully getting paid, and definitely having stories to tell for ages.
As I’m unpacking from one tour and repacking for another, I get excited at the possibilities involved with late night drives into new cities with a few of my closest homies, Dominic “DJ Organic” Khin-Tay, Mario “SkyBlew” Farrow and Chris “EyeQ” Allen. But it wasn’t until I had finalized the routing had I realized that this could turn out to be one of the more interesting trips, and not for the best reason.


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Touring The West With Richie Branson



Enjoy “Super Nintendo Sega Genesis” by Richie Branson and Mega Ran

Mega Ran and Richie Branson are touring together for the first time since 2012.

The two met on mc chris’ Monster Hunter Tour and since have created classic gamer jams like “Super Nintendo Sega Genesis”and three successful Halloween themed “Ghouls N Ghosts” albums.

Richie is a music composer and producer who has worked with a variety of notable brands including Marvel Studios and Def Jam Recordings. He also appears on “OP” on Ran’s new album “RNDM” which debuted on Billboard’s charts and maintains a place on CMJ’s Hip Hop Chart.

He is also an accomplished hip-hop artist, gaining notoriety in 2012 after penning multiple songs for Adult Swim and touring with mc chris. After gaining a loyal following as a hip-hop performer, he achieved billboard-charting success with the release of his “From Guardia With Love” album. In 2015, he co-produced the critically acclaimed “Life After Death Star” Notorious B.I.G. / Star Wars underground remix album.

Tour Dates:

1.28 Phoenix @ Last Exit Live
1.29 Albuquerque @ burts tiki lounge
1.30 Santa fe @ the underground
1.31 Salt lake city @ the loading dock
2.1 denver @ lost lake lounge
2.3 San Jose @ afk lounge (7pm) + Back bar (10PM)
2.4 san francisco @ elbo room
2.5 sacramento @ Sol Collective
2.6 Reno @ Artcade (meet and greet)
2.7 TBA

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What Musicians Need to Know Before Working With Gaming Companies

What Musicians Need to Know Before Working with Gaming Companies

an editorial by Faye Collins

If you thought that gaming developers prefer to only work with the biggest names in music, you couldn’t be more wrong. Tunes from Pitbull might have given Bally Technologies a popularity boost as they released his very own slot title but for musicians like Beck who have three songs (“Touch the People,” “Cities,” and “Spiral Staircase”) featured on the PlayStation game Sound Shapes, games are a new platform for music discovery. It’s because of indie artists’ eagerness for exposure that have these developers chasing after lesser known talents, and partnerships like these provide amazing benefits for both the musician and the video game developer.

Music has undisputedly played a vital role in video game creation, and has been the key for gaming companies to maintain their position in a very lucrative market. An example of one gaming corporation is Betfair Group Plc., a company that has developed products with distinctive themes that wouldn’t have been possible without the help of music. Their titles, such as Pyramid of Ramesses and Cat Queen, thrive on the atmosphere created by the background music, as studies reveal that it triggers arousal on game accomplishments according to the Daily Mail and also alleviates the burden from losses. Right now, companies are searching for independent composers to enhance the overall gaming experience by writing the scores for their games. This presents a great opportunity to publicize the works of budding musicians.

Thinking about composing for a video game? Here are a couple things you’ll need to understand before making any commitments.

Work-for-Hire Agreements

Something to keep in mind that not every independent artist will favor is that ownership of the music will be retained by the gaming company. Most of the time, developers will sign musicians up on a work-for-hire agreement, something that’s also common in the film industry, meaning anything that you produce will belong to the creative agency and that you won’t receive a percentage on sales. Producer of Halo 4’s soundtrack Neil Davidge explains that your songs can be reproduced on your album for royalties, but your pay will have no connection with the success of the game you wrote the soundtrack for, so don’t expect to get published.

Exclusive vs. Non-Exclusive Contracts

There are a lot of varying opinions when figuring out what kind of contract is best for an indie musician. One advantage that a non-exclusive contract is the artist’s ability to pursue deals with multiple companies, unlike in an exclusive contract where you’re committed to pitching your material to one firm. Non-exclusive contracts allow you to explore different routes and new opportunities to get your music out there. But contributor of Music Licensing 101 Aaron Davison says, “There are no one size fits all answers to this issue,” and musicians should focus more on building relationships with the right people, and from there you’ll figure out which kind of contract you’re more suited for.

It’s crucial that you do as much research as you can prior to any contract signing, and remember that the ideal music licensing projects will vary from artist to artist. Once you’ve outlined your goals, you’ll know what to look for in a deal.

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