The #OPUK Tour w/Richie Branson, K-Murdock

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PHOENIX, AZ – Named “Best Rapper” by The Phoenix New Times in 2016, Nerdcore rap royalty MEGA RAN (RandomBeats Music LLC), fresh off a winter tour of the UK, is returning this May for the #OPUK tour. Accompanying Ran on this UK tour will be Richie Branson, who achieved viral success as a hip-hop musician, […]

Mega Ran x Kadesh Flow – Church

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Produced by Yon L.I. DOWNLOAD, LYRICS and “MAKING OF” video ONLY AVAILABLE ON PATREON! get it for any amount here! Thank you! Follow @KadeshFlow Follow @daoneandonlyLI YON LI’s new album “Gamer Junkies” now Facebook Comments

The BLAM Tour/PANDA MAN One Take Video

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Former teacher turned nerd rapper Mega Ran takes on the Desiigner “Panda” beat and raps about what he knows… Mega Man bosses. All 38 Robot Masters from the first 5 classic Mega Man games for the NES are name-checked, as well as some clever commentary on today’s hip-hop scene, and most importantly, Ran delivers BARS. […]

Black Materia Finally Reaches Vinyl

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It’s real, and spectacular. Black Materia Vinyl Featuring newly orchestrated and arranged tracks by R23X, this exclusive vinyl release visits the classic album with completely new sounds. Mega Ran’s evocative lyrics were inspired by his experience playing through the classic RPG Final Fantasy VII. The songs are both personal and universal, as anyone who has […]


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Mega Ran’s first foray into the Wrestling world is a 9-track EP dedicated to some of the most dynamic WWE figures of the past and present. Mat Mania is free to download here: Mat Mania: The Album by Mega Ran Press Release: The bond between music and pro wrestling goes back many years starting with […]