March Tour w/Sammus and the Veggies

March is festival time, so as usual, I’ll be on the road! In March I’ll be taking my NPC sisteren Sammus on her first tour! That’s right, we’ll be on the road for the “Rappers with Arm Cannons Tour.” We’ll be moving from the Northeast at PAX East (where I’ll be debuting The “Mega Lo Mania Directors Cut” on the big screen) through the Midwest down to Austin, TX to SXSW, where I’ll be playing an all-Soul Veggies set on the Official Nerdcore Showcase.

ran sammus tour_poster_dates_square
Art by the amazing Kendra Wells.

Sammus and I will be working on some new music to commemorate the tour, so be on the lookout for that.


Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 11.41.10 PM

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Just Mega Ran.

Today I decided to change my name officially to just Mega Ran. It’s too confusing with at least 6 other acts named Random, and some sites don’t allow an aka… so, it’s officially a thing. Working on changing it on every place.

But Don’t get it twisted: Random isn’t dead, he’s just making it easier for people to find him. Look out for more music very soon.

in fact, to get more, join the Fun Club!

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Current Patrons now have access to exclusive remixes, at least 4 new tracks from me, new albums from K-Murdock, as well as full downloadable episodes of our radio show “The Manual.” All that for as little as $1 per month.

Ain’t nothin’ changed.


Soul Veggies Celebration in Beantown

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 12.39.15 AM
Today I went to a print shop in Toronto and signed and turned in paperwork for a recording contract with Brick a Records for the Soul Veggies release. It’s the first record deal that I’ve accepted since 2008 with River City (Japan).

I never wanted to sign a deal again unless it made sense, and I think this one is right, not only for me and Storyville, but for my friends and fans. I want my music to reach all of you in a timely manner, on CD and vinyl, well packaged and promoted, and untampered and real, and that’s what Brick is doing for and with us.

So MORE THAN EVER BEFORE, I need you all to support this record, because of what it means. Someone had faith in us, and we in turn had faith in them, and neither one wants to let the other down! So on Feb 17, do the right thing, and you won’t be sorry! This record is THREE years in the making… It’s mastered by one of the best guys in the WORLD (Chris Athens). The music is quality and the videos are stellar.

It represents growth, perseverance and strength. You will laugh, you’ll bob your head, and you’ll love it. We believe in them, they believe in us, and I believe in YOU. Preorder now at Much love. -Ran.


To celebrate the deal being done with a Boston label, we’re gonna have a WEEKEND LONG PARTY in BEANTOWN!

with special guests Bright Primate and The World Is Square

soul veggies release party
Feb 15 Game Underground Video Game and Music Festival 2 @ Laugh Boston, 8PM
with special guests Mega Ran, Brentalfloss, The Video Game Music Choir and more

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Rapping Up The Year In Gaming

mega ran 2014 year in gaming

2014. An interesting year in gaming, the first full year of the 8th gen. A lot of hype, a lot of good, and a lot of bad. I rap about it all in my new track. What was my game of the year? What was I most disappointed in? check it!


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New Video, New Downloads, New Year

Happy Holidays! Here’s a new video:
“The Love Remains” feat. Bag of Tricks Cat:

Most of the footage is from my three trips to Japan, all piled into one neat video. The first time I went was right before Christmas, and though it was cold. I really enjoyed it, and I can’t wait to return. Hope you like the video.

This song is on the new Megaman album which releases 12.25. right here.


Also if new music is your thing, while you’re here, grab THE VEGGIE PLATTER, which is a compilation of all of my tracks with Storyville, to get you ready for the new full length coming in February 2015 on Brick Records.

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