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Mega Ran's Streaming Permissions

Hey guys. So you wanna stream video games, eh?

The following permissions I am about to grant are in relation to Twitch and YouTube streaming ONLY.

ANY music you stream MUST BE LEGALLY PURCHASED for you to play it during your stream (this does not include streaming via Spotify, Pandora, or even streaming via Bandcamp– I’d rather you buy it, okay?).

To use my music on your stream, you must credit me as Random aka Mega Ran and provide a link to purchase ( as well as links to my Twitter (@megaran) and/or Facebook (/megaranmusic) pages.

PLEASE NOTE! Some of my tunes are sampling other people’s works…they’re usually free downloads, and I make that clear in the descriptions… so just because I don’t have a problem with you using my music doesn’t mean they wouldn’t. Be careful. but MOST of my music (probably 85%) is licensed. if you have a question, email me.

If you’re playing my music on a YouTube video, please include a “now playing” credit (song name, album, artist), along with a link to buy, whenever possible. This could be tricky for a little while, as I’m currently working on trying to get out of a YouTube sync agreement I made with Tunecore. If you get a Tunecore notice, please let me know at

Tell me about it! Shoot me a tweet or email, and send me a link to your channel, I’ll let people know as well.

NOTE! To license my music in your own movie, TV show, game, or other media, or talk about Mega Ran creating an original song for your work, email


Your support means so much, so I’ll always do what I can to support you right back!

…cause you got my back, and I love you for that.

Happy streaming and add me on Twitch too!

Peace and Love and Robots and Music,