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Episode 41: Money Out The Bank, RIP Prodigy

Today's show features special guest BJ, aka "G1," producer, singer and ring announcer for PHX Wrestling. Mega, Teek and BJ recap the Money In The Bank PPV and the fallout, listing several creative decisions they disagreed on, Braun's misspelled tweet, the decision to re-do the women's ladder match, and Teek drops some controversial hot takes on Bayley. 

Get music and more from G1 at @g1totherescue on Instagram and Twitter, and catch him at PHX Wrestling's next event July 21. Music by Prodigy of Mobb Deep, who passed suddenly at age 42. Rest well, soldier. 

Episode 40: Extreme Fools w/Toure Masters, Teek Hall

toure masters

On this episode, Mega Ran is joined by Teek Hall and first time guest Toure Masters, a hard working hip-hop artist from AZ, as well as lifelong WWE fan. We talk about why this should be the last Extreme Rules PPV, how Mega Ran’s trusty Mega Buster was stolen at a show in SF, who’s on the Jinder Train, and break down the PPV and the following RAW and Smackdown Live episodes.

selection: “The Wyatt Era” by Toure Masters
Get music from Toure Masters at