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Episode 98: There Can Only Be One

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Mega Ran, Teek Hall and Roknowledge chat about A LOT. Ran returns from NYC, broke, but happy. We decide whether YouTube Premium is worth the money...We pick our Top 4 moments of NXT TakeOver, Summerslam, more. Nicki Minaj is whining and Cardi B is winning, as is Ronda Rousey. Are we good on Ciampa vs Gargano for a while? Are the heel and face dynamics wacky? We end it with discussion of Blackkklansman vs Sorry To Bother You, as Boots Riley had some Spike Lee thoughts. In bonus footage (Patreon Only), Ran tells a great story about drinking and breaking kayfabe with WWE Superstars.

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Put Over: 
Ran: EyeQ Winning Best Rapper of Orlando
Teek: Luke Cage Season 2
Rok: Joe Budden Podcast deal w/Spotify

Episode 50: Wrestling in the Comicverse w/ Roknowledge & Albert Morales

With Ran absent, Teek Hall holds down hosting duties and welcomes Roknowledge back, and comic artist Albert Morales. The guys talk about comic books, movies, and the week that was Summerslam and it's fallout on WWE TV this week. We had some GLORIOUS surprises. Follow our guests at: 

Twitter/IG: @roknowledge
IG @SuperImpactoStudios
Twitter @RoosterStudios2


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