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Episode 103: Husky Shield


Episode 103: Husky Shield

The fearsome foursome faction is back! Mega Ran & Teek Hall are back to join Roknowledge & Neoecks for a very fun episode of Mat Mania Podcast. We catch up with Mega Ran from his adventures from WWE headquarters & Japan. What did he see? What did he do? We learn that X-Men raps are a thing we always wanted (there’s even a snippet of a new Mega Ran song!) #Bowsette is something Neoecks wanted, Teek Hall is the rapper that Phoenix wanted, and of course… we all want...WRESTLING!


Neoecks: Teek Hall – Phoenix New Times 2018 Rapper of the Year

Roknowledge: 90’s R&B

Mega Ran – Spiderman for PS4

Teek Hall – album: Ka - Hermit & The Recluse – Orpheus vs the Sirens

Burial of the Week – Uncle Jims Car Rental, Barber Shop, & Chicken Shop in Chicago

Snack of the Week – NXT Superstar Vanessa Borne

Minisode: Battleground at San Diego Comic Con w/Matthew Kelly

Matt Kelly returns, live from the Geekscape Booth at San Diego Comic Con! Ran and Matt chat about what they liked at SDCC, WWE Battleground predictions, women's wrestling, and more. 
Listen to Matt's podcast Horror Movie Night on the Geekscape Network. 

NOTE - Pardon the distortion, we used a ZOOM recorder live on the floor.