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Episode 87: #MatManiaAss

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Episode 87:


Illness has fallen @MegaRan and @Roknowledge! But @Teek_Hall and @TheNeoEcks are holding it down. But this time with help from @G1totherescue, @evaxrockz and @azleo623

Hashtags go wrong, and this ragtag group of misfits go all over the place in this week’s episode! We talk music, anime, videogames, hentai?, and of course Pro-Wrestling! It is hard to summarize this week’s episode, but there is something for everyone. You just gotta listen! 


Neoecks: Fallout 76

Teek: The move ‘TAG’

G1: G.O.O.D Music

EvaR0kz: Childish Gambino

Chris: Doki Doki Literature Club