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Episode 114: Tory Lanez is Enzo Amore (w/Malik of Russ Grooming)

mat mania 114.jpg

Our FINAL episode of 2018 is a BIG ONE! We talk about the year that was, and look forward to an amazing 2019 with our friends. Thank you for riding along on this journey! Our special guest is Malik Moor, who founded the amazing Russ Beard Grooming products at home. How did he do it, and why? We talk this “New Beginning” for RAW and SmackDown and see if it means a major shakeup, or the same old. What’s a Tamale? We discuss the last movies that made us cry, best wrestlers, stories and events of 2018, and Tory Lanez gets the Burial of the Week for talking reckless.


Neo- Spider Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Ran - Smash Bros Ultimate on Nintendo Switch

Teek - Mowgli on Netflix

Rok - the Dream’s 2007 album “Lovehate”

Malik - The Tamale Lady.

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