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Episode 12: Becoming A Wrestler with Logan Finch/Mania Picks

Mega is joined by Logan Finch, who has been training for the past 9 months to be a professional wrestler as a part of the Boise, ID based WrestleClub. Learn about what it takes to pursue a career in the business and some of the early knocks Logan’s taken in this episode. Also, Ran and Logan give their Wrestlemania 32 picks. Ran also plays two songs, “Run” feat. Murs” and Logan’s pick: “R U Ready” by the late great Macho Man Randy Savage.

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Ran’s Wrestlemania Schedule:

April 1-2 @ WrestleCon, Dallas (all day presentations)

April 1 @ Deen’s Ranch, Dallas (Kaiju Big Battel Performance)

April 2 @ Caves Lounge, Arlington (live performance)