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Episode 46: Believe In Yourself w/DJ Stude

The gang returns with a review of WWE Battleground, and discuss the legacy of the great Mark Henry, who just resigned. Ran is upset with Walmart, and we wonder what an USO Penitentiary match would look like. Guest DJ Stude brings some new music and insights on the creative process. 

Music by DJ Stude and Them Starcade Boys.

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Minisode: Battleground at San Diego Comic Con w/Matthew Kelly

Matt Kelly returns, live from the Geekscape Booth at San Diego Comic Con! Ran and Matt chat about what they liked at SDCC, WWE Battleground predictions, women's wrestling, and more. 
Listen to Matt's podcast Horror Movie Night on the Geekscape Network. 

NOTE - Pardon the distortion, we used a ZOOM recorder live on the floor.



Episode 45: Kurt's Kids w/Mic Maven and Penny The Great

Jam packed episode as the fellas give their thoughts on the latest paternity angle involving Kurt and Jason Jordan, as well as thoughts on who will finally unseat Jinder as champ. Penny The Great joins a boxing conversation and we determine what it would take for Conor to win, and seriously consider putting $100 on him in Vegas. If you're interested in chipping in, contact us, @MatManiaPodcast.

Music by Mic Maven and Penny The Great.

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Episode 44: F5-ing Cattle w/Roknowledge and JBannanerz

Today's episode recaps the Great Balls of Fire PPV and the shows that followed, as the boys and their special guests discuss how quickly booking decisions must be changed on the fly, how Roman felt like bringing up the Attitude Era justifies attempted murder, and give some hot takes on future plans for Enzo Amore. We also take the time to put over the Kurt Angle WWE 24/7 video on the Network, highly recommended, and take some time to appreciate the genius of Kurt Angle. It's True, It's True. 

Music by MURS, JBannanerz and Conway & Westside Gunn. 

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Episode 43: SmackDown RapDown

RAP BATTLE!!!! This week, Mega Ran is the show's special guest, fresh off his appearance on live WWE TV this week. Ran played a member of The New Day's entourage for their Rap Battle against The Usos, hosted by Wale, and the people have questions, so we answer them! What did Ran say to John Cena? Who was cool backstage? Was he nervous? How was talking with Okada? Is WWE catering as legendary as advertised? And did Mega Ran pen some bars for The New Day?

Music by Wale, and Mega Ran, and as always co-hosted by Teek Hall. 

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