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Episode 80: Nicki Minaj is Carmella

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Episode 80 of the Mat Mania Podcast sees Ran, Rok, Teek and Neoecks talking about everything from Colin Kaepernick to Beyonce slaying Coachella, toxic masculinity. online communities, and the winners and losers of the 2018 SuperStar Shakeup. And we ask the question: What is the hip-hop counterparts of some of wrestling's biggest stars? 

Put Over: 

Ran - Fortnite on PS4

Neoecks - ZapCon Arcade and Pinball Convention, April 21-22, 2018, Mesa AZ

Rok - Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 on Netflix 

Teek - Game Over, Man on Netflix

Rest in Peace to the legendary Bruno Sammartino, who passed away at the age of 82. 

Episode 79: Mania 34 Wrap-Up


The Fellas are back to recap a HUGE weekend of wrestling, what we liked and what could've been better at the Showcase of the Immortals. We also talk animal videos, comic movies and more.

Put Over: 

Ran - The Philadelphia 76ers 16 game win streak

Neoecks - National Pets Day (send @ElNeoecks your pet pics)

Rok - Drake's new single

Teek Hall - 

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Episode 78: The GREATEST WRESTLEMANIA EVER (Crossover w/The Steel Cage)

It's a FULL HOUSE as the gang from The Steel Cage Podcast joins Mat Mania for a never-before done crossover episode (I'm sure it has been done). Over brews and Coney dogs, Team Mat Mania and and Team Steel cage puts over a bunch of stuff and picks the 7-hour Wrestlemania 34 card. 

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Episode 77: Mega Ran's Back!

Hello Mat Maniacs! The world's most dangerous pod is back together as Mega Ran joins via phone to lay the law down. The boys talk hip-hop news, movies, TV and more, with special in-studio guest DJ Big Serg. Will Avengers: Infinity War out draw Black Panther? Is rap beef the same as pro wrestling beef? was NJPW Strong Style Evolved the best card ever? Why didn't Diddy show up to Craig Mack's funeral? All this and more on Episode 77 of the Mat Mania Podcast!

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Episode 76: Yes Men

Matmaniacs! We are back to talk a whole lot of wrestling and much more. Lead booker Mega Ran is currently jet flying on tour so Teek Hall, Rok and Neoecks hold it down. We jump right into the news that shook the wrestling world when it dropped, and the guys give their take on the return on Daniel Bryant.  After that we dive into some Raw and Smackdown and talk WrestleMania. Enjoy, Matmaniacs!

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