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The Dewey Decibel System

by MC Lars & Mega Ran

(2019 Horris Records/RandomBeats Music)

After years of collaborations and tours, nerd rap luminaries Mega Ran and MC Lars have put their collective heads together to release the album "The Dewey Decibel System," finding its inspiration in their favorite books, novels, poems and short stories. In the 14-track album, the two hope to bring new life to classics, while simultaneously breaking new ground through great beats and rhymes.

”Whether their references are classic literature or video games, the two artists have always stayed true to their nerdy roots.” – Nerdist

“It is their mission to educate and entertain through music and both artists couldn't be prouder of this record.” – Build Series

“Mega Ran and MC Lars have undeniable chemistry in many of the tracks: often rapping back and forth to each other and having conversations throughout the songs”

“So many great literary references across the entire album!" - Paste