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The Year in Random 2011.

2011 was a defining year for me. I had undoubtedly the greatest year of my professional life, and I have you guys to thank for that!

Let’s run it down, shall we?


January started off in full blast with 2 projects; First being SPY vs SPY Volume 2 with AZ producer and emcee SPAN PHLY.

random span phly spy vs spy vol 2
(free download)

Next was the album that changed it all…

black materia random


Based on my favorite RPG of all time, the album featured Lost Perception on the beats, and some of my favorite artists lending guest vocals. That led to some really cool things happening, including..

Playstation: The Official Magazine.

mega ran playstation magazine

And Game Informer, among other great press outlets.

MARCH was festival month, as we hit SXSW in Austin, C2E2 in Chicago, and PAX East in Boston.

At this time, Japan was rocked by not one, but 2 natural disasters. We tried to do our part with this song, and donated over $200 to Japan!

Around this time, I had an offer to play overseas for the first time, so we organized a trip to the UK, with your help!

MAY was a big month, that’s when I made “The Decision” and resigned from teaching.

Right after that, I dropped “TeacherRapperHero2”

and we finished up the Mirandom video for “Wednesday,”

then headed overseas in JUNE.

On our return, and in JULY, we finished up Forever Famicom DLC 2 and got ready for Nerdapalooza, where the response was amazing.

and then in AUGUST got the call of a lifetime… from mc chris.

We were asked to join the EPIC RACE WARS TOUR in the Fall.

During the tour, we released DLC2:

and when the tour ended in late OCTOBER, it was time to release the long-awaited Mega Ran 10 album in NOVEMBER:

AND as if that wasn’t enough, there was still DECEMBER!

First was a trip to JAPAN!

random mega ran japan

and then, Mirandom time!

random mr miranda mirandom album

How can we possibly top this next year????

Stay Tuned Mega Fans… 🙂



the pressure.

one of my favorite songs back in the day was Sounds of Blackness’ “The Pressure Part 1.”

I wish i had a budget, cause this would have been the theme song of this week’s episode of Life After Lesson Plans.

In this episode:

With the launch of TRH 2, the end of the Kickstarter campaign, and Writer’s Guild practicing for the Pharoahe Monch show, Random is a little stressed out and lets off some steam.

Roknowledge expresses his disgust with the radio station’s new bumpers, and RoQy Tyraid views the “Earl” video for the first time. OFWGKTAWTF?!??! Special thanks to the Guild.

get caught up!

Final Fantasy VII Remake?

Nah, not yet. We can dream, but I haven’t heard anything firm about a Final Fantasy VII remake..sorry. But in the meantime, relive the magic of the most epic FF7 theme, “One Winged Angel,” with our remix:

Random (Mega Ran) and Lost Perception present “Black Materia” is available now, as you know.

Click Here to order!

Also, check out episode 9 of Life After Lesson Plans: A Hip-Hop Reality show:
Live from Florida!

Phoenix Comicon, Revisited.

On this week’s episode of Life After Lesson Plans:

Random pens a new verse, performs at Phoenix Comicon, takes in the sights, and then feeds his newest addiction. Guests include DJ Marvel, dannyB, Ernie Hudson and LA Noire.

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also, 7 more days left to contribute to Mega Ran and K-Murdock’s European Vacation Fund!

kickstarter mega ran k-murdock

Kia Music.

random mega ran kia music part 2KIA MUSIC

When I first heard the “Maybach Music” series of tracks by Rick Ross and
co, I was pretty impressed…amazed even, that someone would spend time on
such epic beats talking about a car that most listeners couldn’t afford.

So I decided, in true Teacher/Rapper/Hero fashion, to bring it down to earth
for the people, and “Kia Music” was born, on my TeacherRapperHero
mixtape back in 2009.

Rozay didn’t stop, and neither did I … So here’s the newest
installment with “Kia Music Part 2.” For the ballers…on a budget.

*TeacherRapperHero 2: The 2 Week Notice* is dropping Memorial Day 2011,
mixed by DJ DN3.

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Don’t forget, Phoenix area peeps…

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