Black Materia Finally Reaches Vinyl

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It’s real, and spectacular. Black Materia Vinyl Featuring newly orchestrated and arranged tracks by R23X, this exclusive vinyl release visits the classic album with completely new sounds. Mega Ran’s evocative lyrics were inspired by his experience playing through the classic RPG Final Fantasy VII. The songs are both personal and universal, as anyone who has […]

The Year in Random 2011.

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Follow @MegaRan 2011 was a defining year for me. I had undoubtedly the greatest year of my professional life, and I have you guys to thank for that! Let’s run it down, shall we? JANUARY. January started off in full blast with 2 projects; First being SPY vs SPY Volume 2 with AZ producer and […]

Help us get to the UK!

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are you a fan of…. BLACK MATERIA? MEGA RAN, MEGA RAN 9? FOREVER FAMICOM? are you in the UK? then listen up! click to donate! About this project (from K-Murdock) Well party people, here we are again! This time myself and Random (bka Mega Ran) are back and need your help as we are trying […]


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should be a busy month in Mega Ran land… first headed to Boston for my first ever PAX panel presentation with K-Murdock and MC Frontalot joining me… should be great. Video Game Music and Nerdcore Hip-Hop Cat Theatre Saturday, 4:30pm – 5:30pm Nerds who rap? Sounds foolish… maybe. MC and gamer Random, aka Mega Ran […]