Emerald Knights UK Tour


Mega Ran and Felix the Bag of Tricks Cat will be in the United Kingdom June 8 to 15.

Dates and events:

10 June @ Surya, London



11 June @ Club PST, Birmingham



12 June @ YouBloom Festival, Dublin Ireland
(show at Sweeney’s)



12 June @ Centre for Computing History Museum, Cambridge


Also there’s a new song to commemorate this trip. I hope it doesn’t get us sued.

See you in the UK!

5 Years Of Famicom

Megaran Poster flat

PHOENIX, AZ – Arguably the world’s most foreknown video game influenced musician, Mega Ran is returning to the road with producer K-Murdock to celebrate 5 years since the release of “Forever Famicom.”

The album was praised by critics for it’s honesty and tasteful nostalgic themes, garnering favorable reviews from outlets like 1-Up Magazine, The Word Is Bond, Potholes In My Blog and more, and re-released in Japan and “Forever 8-Bit” by River City Records. The success of the albums spawned 3 special “DLC” EP’s in subsequent years, containing new songs and instrumentals.

The “Forever Famicom 5th Anniversary Tour” will hit the northeastern US and midwest and will include special opening sets by brentalfloss and Sammus (w/DNilsz), check each venue for specific lineups.

Tour Dates:

Mega Ran and K-Murdock
Forever Famicom 5th Anniversary Tour
with special guests brentalfloss and Sammus (w/DNilsz)

June 20 NYC @ Webster Hall*

June 21 New Haven, CT @ Cafe Nine

June 23 Boston @ TT The Bears Place*

June 24 Syracuse @ Singers

June 25 Watertown – Flashback Lounge

June 26-28 Oaks, PA @ Too Many Games Fest*

June 29 Detroit, MI @ TBA

June 30 Yellow Springs, OH @ Super-Fly Comics*

July 1 St Louis, MO – The Demo*

July 2 Milwaukee, WI – 42 Lounge*

July 3-5 Chicago, IL @ Anime Midwest*

? with brentalfloss
**with Sammus + DNilsz
***with brentalfloss and Sammus + DNilsz

To continue the celebration, Ran and K have made all of their albums PAY WHAT YOU WANT this week on bandcamp:

and a special USB release is shipping this week containing track commentary, all albums and instrumentals, and several items only attainable on the USB drive.

forever famicom USBClick to order the USB

UK in June

Hold on to your bangers and mash.

June 10, Surya, London
June 11 Birmingham
June 12 Dublin, Ireland
June 13 Shrewsbury

mega ran new (2)

special guest BAG OF TRICKS CAT.

sound familiar? it should. We’ve done a few tracks together:

Happy Earth Day.

Phoenix, AZ – Happy Earth Day! Former teacher Mega Ran gets back into the classroom with a heartfelt ballad to the planet, called “Mother Earth,” with Phil Hanson. Earth Day supporters are encouraged to visit www.earthday.org to find events and ways to help in your own community. Enjoy the spacey synth-laced track by Dwizzy Bodega and the animated images of Ran and Phil traveling the globe in the cartoon by ChunderToons of Austin, TX.

Bandcamp (download, name your price, even $0):

TeacherRapperHero. Uncool before it was cool.