Help Keep Ran afloat!

When I quit my job in May 2011, it was the hardest thing I’d ever done. But thanks to your kind words, emails, posts, and financial support, I’ve been able to live an amazing dream. But it’s not easy. Every once in a while that dream needs a little push. So if you ever can, please contribute!


So enter the MEGA CLUB!!!!!!
So what do you get in return for your hard earned ducats?

Access to new music FIRST
Access to demos, scratch versions and stuff no one else will hear
Live performance audio and video files
Access to private forums on my BBS (do people still go there?)
You get say in the new merch ideas, new artwork designs, pretty much anything

Email me for info on how to join the MEGA CLUB.


need a commissioned song, track, theme, anything? email me at bookmegaran(at) and I’ll get on it.


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