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Mega Ran’s first foray into the Wrestling world is a 9-track EP dedicated to some of the most dynamic WWE figures of the past and present.

Mat Mania is free to download here:

Press Release:

The bond between music and pro wrestling goes back many years starting with the Rock N Wrestling movement in the 80’s, a WWE-MTV joint promotional venture, that was a major catalyst to the WWE’s monster mid-80’s success. Since then live acts at Wrestlemania and anthology theme albums have only helped the alliance grow stronger.

In a new project in the tradition of 2000’s album “WWF Aggression,” producer Lynx Kinetic integrates iconic WWE entrance themes with hip hop, trap, and EDM elements, creating an expanded sonic pallet for rapper Mega Ran to do what he does best. Legends such as Macho Man Randy Savage and Jake the Snake Roberts, as well as current top talent including Brock Lesnar and Bray Wyatt get the remix treatment and a lyrical homage, entitled “Mat Mania.”

The songs have debuted on top sites such as Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated and WhatCulture, amassing over 500k YouTube hits and streams online.

The album will release digitally for free on 3/28/16 at and lyrics and more content will be available at

Mega Ran’s podcast of the same name features bi-weekly episodes dedicated to classic and current moments in pro wrestling.
His last release, “RNDM,” released in the Fall to a Billboard 200 debut, and remained on the CMJ Hip-Hop charts for an unprecedented 21 weeks.

Ran and Lynx will celebrate the release in Dallas for Wrestlemania weekend with these events scheduled:

April 1-2 @ WrestleCon, Dallas (all day presentations)
April 1 @ Deen’s Ranch, Dallas (Kaiju Big Battel Performance)
April 2 @ Caves Lounge, Arlington (live performance)

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