#1 On CMJ’s Hip Hop Chart!

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Well this quite significant! 4 weeks after its release, my new album ?#?RNDM? is standing at #1 on the college radio hip hop charts! Wow. So when people tell you that today’s music fan has a short attention span, and won’t listen after a month, show them this. It’s extremely rare in this climate that a record can maintain popularity for any sustained amount of time, particularly an indie release that isn’t shoved down your throat 10x a day, which makes me so proud of what we’ve accomplished. To see ?#?RandomBeats?, a company I started when I made beats on a Playstation, on a chart next to heavy hitters, this almost makes me want to cry. You guys man. Much love to every fan, every radio DJ, every station and every backer!
Haven’t heard it yet? See what the fuss is about.

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