Just Mega Ran.

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Today I decided to change my name officially to just Mega Ran. It’s too confusing with at least 6 other acts named Random, and some sites don’t allow an aka… so, it’s officially a thing. Working on changing it on every place.

But Don’t get it twisted: Random isn’t dead, he’s just making it easier for people to find him. Look out for more music very soon.

in fact, to get more, join the Fun Club!

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Current Patrons now have access to exclusive remixes, at least 4 new tracks from me, new albums from K-Murdock, as well as full downloadable episodes of our radio show “The Manual.” All that for as little as $1 per month.

Ain’t nothin’ changed.


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2 thoughts on “Just Mega Ran.

  1. I’ve pretty much always called you Mega Ran, since it’s more specific and sounds cooler. =D

    Looking forward to continuing to collect your discography!

    Rock (er, rap) on, Ran!

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