2012: The Year in Random.

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2012 was probably my biggest year yet, so here’s a short rundown…

In January, I released BLACK MATERIA: The Remixes, with some new songs that weren’t on the original release. My favorite on there was “Escape From Shinra Tower.”

In February, I got an idea to rap about a certain Lin-sation in the NBA, and that kinda took off.

fun times. ESPN Coverage. sweet. After that, myself, Willie Evans Jr, DJ Dn3, RoQy TyRaiD and Adam Warrock embarked on The VS. Tour. We had a lot of fun, and hit places like Madison, WI, Louisville, KY (Where DN3 won the Street Fighter tourney) and more. We ended the tour in Austin, my favorite place.

March was SXSW, and that was another awesome moment, in addition to rocking out with my friends, I got to meet a lot of amazing musicians down in Austin. The very next week I went to PAX East, performed, and launched my Kickstarter campaign for LANGUAGE ARTS.

mega ran kickstarter
In April, the Kickstarter campaign ended with an amazing total of over $15,000!
I was hard at work on a Language Arts 3 part album, game and comic book. While working on that, I played an amazing game called JOURNEY, which inspired me to work on a Beat Tape using some of the themes from the game. I released it as JOURNEY: A Hip-Hop Excursion.

In May, the first installment of the Language Arts Series released. Vol 1 had some of my favorite songs from the entire 3-part set, like “City Of Angels,” “Language Arts,” “Wake Up,” and “The Constant.”

In June, I released the Mega Ran 5th Anniversary album, containing what many consider to be the best Mega Man song I’ve ever done, “Wily.”

Afterwards, I embarked on the start of what would be the longest tour of my life, being out pretty much the entire summer on the Summer Sessions tour with Open Mike Eagle and DJ DN3…

then joining up with mc chris, Richie Branson and Powerglove on the Monster Hunter Tour. We went everywhere, and had great times. Richie and I did an album, which released later.

The Summer Sessions tour continued, but I had to break off to come back to my home away from home, Orlando, for Nerdapalooza. Had an amazing experience, then flew off to the midwest for some amazing shows, ending in Buffalo, where I had a blast at the New Era Flagship store. I made it home just in time to release Language Arts Volume 2, featuring some very special songs, like “Faculty Lounge” feat. Homeboy Sandman.

It’s in this month that I had a birthday, and I celebrated by working on a new project, “River City Random,” based on my favorite beat-em-up, ever. That contained another one of my favorite records,
“Sock Hop.”

In October I did a lot of future planning, and one amazing piece of news came about, that SEGA would be willing to help myself and K-Murdock create our next tribute album, called “Project Dream Master.”

They helped us collect a bunch of suggestions, and those are being tabulated now. Stay tuned for that in 2013! Also we launched “The Ghouls N Ghosts EP” on Halloween.

In November, we headed out for the Campaign Tour, with myself, DJ DN3, Mouse Powell and Mr. Miranda. Rocked a lot of crowds, had a lot of fun.. Planned the next tour, and right before the trip, I released the “Megamouse” album with Mouse Powell, and this track got played a lot.

Also in November was the release of the final installment, Language Arts Volume 3. My favorite track was probably “Everything.”

In December I took a much needed vacation from music, and released my last track of the year, “Wreck-It Ran.” After that, I planned for the new year. Be ready for some amazing stuff. Thank you for your support and friendship through the biggest and greatest year of my professional life. Now, how do we follow it up? Stay Tuned.

Moral of the story: live each day like the world is about to end. It’ll pay off.

“cause we got work to do.”

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