Language Arts: The Game and Soundtrack

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The culmination of a dream… well, maybe not that deep.. but realize this is pretty cool.

Mega Ran Has His Own Game!

Thanks to Lunar Giant Studios, The Mega Ran in Language Arts Game is Ready to Play! Check out Version 1 here:

mega ran language arts screenshot

Click to play, or send your friends to to check it out.

we’re still early in development so we need your help on spotting bugs, so if you see something fishy, help us out and shoot an email to

Press Release:

“Mega Ran in Language Arts: The Game” is a side scrolling, retro platformer for the web that puts a quirky twist on an old genre. Fusing music by Raheem “Mega Ran” Jarbo and Melvin “DN3” Raymond together with classic gameplay and new web development standards, “Mega Ran in Language Arts: The Game” is the most technically challenging project that Lunar Giant has taken on to date. With four levels, four bosses, two expansions planned, and an iOS game on the way, the game also promises to be a broad and expansive undertaking.

A video game based off of an album by acclaimed nerdcore rapper Random (aka Mega Ran), “Mega Ran in Language Arts: The Game” is Lunar Giant’s first foray into HTML5/Javascript video game development, using the Impactjs engine and other new tech to create a different kind of player experience on the web.


  • Battle through 4 challenging levels against enemies like “Castro Copter” and “Disco Stu”
  • Defeat 4 bosses in a quest to collect in-game items to get a special bonus track from the “Language Arts” album
  • Soundtrack by by Raheem “Mega Ran” Jarbo and Melvin “DN3” Raymond
  • Level up 4 unique abilities as you play, adding more power and versatility to Mega Ran
  • If you enjoy the music, then PLEASE make sure you get this amazing soundtrack. It includes 17 songs, including new exclusive raps from me, RoQy TyRaiD, Beefy, and many more, plus assistant production by Danny B of Super Meat Boy fame. Chiptunes, hip hop, gotta love it. Peep that here:
    mega ran language arts game dn3

    This is DJ DN3’s first full release in a long time! Show support and let’s get this in the top 10 on bandcamp! Thank you!

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