A Jeremy Lin Rap.

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You might have heard about the NBA’s newest sensation, Jeremy Lin, PG for the Knicks, an undrafted Harvard grad…he’s killing em right now.

I smelled a teachable moment..

And I wrote a rap.


I love how you can drop something on the internet and walk away, and come back to see it spreading like a fungus… love it.

This seems to be making rounds…

You might have seen it on ESPN. No? ok check this out:

NBC Sports

Also at:

New York Times

Slam Magazine

The Harvard Crimson


USA Today

keep on Linning!

TOUR NEWS: It looks like I’ll have to perform this song on the road on our upcoming TOUR.

Wanna come out? of course. Get a Ticket!

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9 thoughts on “A Jeremy Lin Rap.

  1. Hey Random, Just heard your stuff for the first time on a brief clip on the TV show Portlandia, S1E03 Aimee.

    They play a very brief clip of splash woman, and I just spent a couple hours finding out who it was by.

    Listening to all your albums now, kickass.

  2. “Best Ivy League player in the league, sorry Chris Dudley.” HAHA you killed it Ran, keep it up!

  3. much love for this song. good to see this kid breakin barriers of all kinds and being transcendent. this kid is ALL OF US yo.


  4. Amazing Song! I’m gonna check out your other songs on itunes. Thank you for a beautiful teachable moment!

  5. Hey, I love ” Jeremy Lin Rap”.
    It’s my first time to here.
    I’m a Taiwanese. I’m proud of Jeremy Lin.
    He has very good personality “Humble.”
    I’m aslo proud of you.
    Your creation, your ideas are awesome.

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