A Jeremy Lin Rap.

You might have heard about the NBA’s newest sensation, Jeremy Lin, PG for the Knicks, an undrafted Harvard grad…he’s killing em right now.

I smelled a teachable moment..

And I wrote a rap.


I love how you can drop something on the internet and walk away, and come back to see it spreading like a fungus… love it.

This seems to be making rounds…

You might have seen it on ESPN. No? ok check this out:

NBC Sports

Also at:

New York Times

Slam Magazine

The Harvard Crimson


USA Today

keep on Linning!

TOUR NEWS: It looks like I’ll have to perform this song on the road on our upcoming TOUR.

Wanna come out? of course. Get a Ticket!

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9 Responses

  1. Oz says:

    Amazing song. great work!!!
    I will check your other songs out

  2. doc says:

    Hey Random, Just heard your stuff for the first time on a brief clip on the TV show Portlandia, S1E03 Aimee.

    They play a very brief clip of splash woman, and I just spent a couple hours finding out who it was by.

    Listening to all your albums now, kickass.

  3. Casey says:

    “Best Ivy League player in the league, sorry Chris Dudley.” HAHA you killed it Ran, keep it up!

  4. blazn says:

    much love for this song. good to see this kid breakin barriers of all kinds and being transcendent. this kid is ALL OF US yo.


  5. megaran says:

    @Blazn EXACTLY. Thank you.

  6. […] Another of his songs, the Jeremy Lin rap, has been receiving a lot of attention in the last few weeks and has been featured on ESPN, NBC Sports, The Harvard Crimson, and a ton of other places. Take a listen to that here. […]

  7. Simon says:

    Amazing Song! I’m gonna check out your other songs on itunes. Thank you for a beautiful teachable moment!

  8. Andy188 says:

    Hey, I love ” Jeremy Lin Rap”.
    It’s my first time to here.
    I’m a Taiwanese. I’m proud of Jeremy Lin.
    He has very good personality “Humble.”
    I’m aslo proud of you.
    Your creation, your ideas are awesome.

  9. Sonic says:

    My favorite part was the remix cuz I’m an egomaniac. :)