Mega Ran and K-Murdock present Forever Famicom

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….well, not yet.
the first 2 singles from Forever Famicom.

for now, you get the two leak singles, Dream Master and Epoch.

from K-Murdock:
After 2 years of back & forth recording via the internet, myself & Random aka Mega Ran are DONE and ready to debut our Forever Famicom project to the world starting with the release of the FREE double-single “Dream Master/Epoch”.

“Dream Master” is an eponymous nod to one of my favorite Capcom Classics- Little Nemo The Dream Master. The game’s story was very imaginative and till this day, i’m holding out hope that Capcom decides to “revisit” it as i think it could be just as dope today as it was in 1990! Ran’s story-telling of his own biopic fit the track’s mellow vibe so well, that is was almost too perfect.

<a href="">Dream Master by Mega Ran &amp; K-Murdock</a>

“Epoch” is the more raw of the two songs in this single and samples source material from one of my top 3 RPGs of all time- Chrono Trigger. I always wanted to do something with the soundtrack, and the energy Ran brought with his verses was again, like a perfect match! Till this day, i still find myself revisiting CT just because the story is undeniably timeless.

<a href="">Epoch by Mega Ran &amp; K-Murdock</a>

The full album drops JUNE 1st and will be available exclusively on Bandcamp as well as at shows me & Ran will be doing in support of the project.

We also got animated 8-bit styled videos in the works to accompany the songs, courtesy of the homie Griff Morivan, so stay tuned & spread the word to fellow Hip-Hop heads & gamers alike!

also, here I am performing Dream Master live in Hollywood at the Viper Room..
big ups Panda Derek for the footage!

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